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Image of MOTOsafety Portable Real Time Personal Tracking GPS Tracker

MOTOsafety Portable Real Time Personal Tracking GPS Tracker

Agilis Systems
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MOTOsafety MTAS1_PS Mini portable real time personal tracking and GPS tracker allows you to track anything you want. UP to 14 days battery life and real-time GPS tracking with updates every 60-seconds. Receive alerts when the GPS tracker enters or leaves a specific location (Geofencing). Compatible with customer portal so you can keep track of your vehicle and equipment all from one, easy-to-use customer portal. Get peace of mind with MOTOsafety GPS vehicle tracking. This device comes with a free month of service when you activate the device. Each GPS tracking device operates off a Cellular network much like a cell phone. This Cellular data transports your vehicle's data wirelessly to your customer portal or smartphone application. This Cellular data does need a Monthly plan that we handle 100% for you so there is No need to worry about a SIM card. Our GPS trackers update every 60 seconds and you'll love the peace of mind knowing exactly where your car is and where it has been, historically.
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