Image of MOTOsafety MTAS1 Mini Portable Real Time Personal Tracking and GPS Tracker

MOTOsafety MTAS1 Mini Portable Real Time Personal Tracking and GPS Tracker

Agilis Systems
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MOTOsafety MTAS1 Mini Portable Real Time Personal Tracking and GPS Tracker 4G

Small, lightweight, and powerful, the Mini tracker can easily attach to vehicles, motorcycles, bicycles, or go into a bag or pocket. As easy to carry as a standard key fob, the Mini tracker goes anywhere you need it to.

Roughly the size of a standard vehicle key fob, the Mini tracker goes anywhere and can track just about anything.

With the free MOTOsafety mobile app for iPhone and Android, your alerts go with you.

Protect your personal vehicles with unauthorized use alerts and geofencing.

Toss it in instrument cases, camera bags, tool boxes, sports equipment … anything you’ve invested time and money in can be protected with the MOTOsafety Mini tracker.

Geofence alerts let you know when loved ones, vehicles, or equipment arrive or leave designated locations. Find out in real-time when kids get home from school or if sports equipment has left a storage room.

Route replay lets you review past events and retrace steps.

Don’t forget to activate your device! Easy to follow instructions are included. Free top-rated customer support and an online help center can answer any questions.

Free mobile apps allow you to take the power of MOTOsafety anywhere. From your home computer to your mobile device, you’ll have access to your map, receive alerts, and much more.

TRACK WHAT YOU VALUE: Easy real-time GPS tracking of everything important — loved ones, valuables, vehicles, equipment, and anything else you need to monitor.

FITS ANYWHERE: Compact, rechargeable GPS tracking device fits in small places (backpacks, belt, purse, animal collars, etc.)

AFFORDABLE COVERAGE: $19.99/month nationwide cellular coverage. Tracker reports locations every 60 seconds.Not reliant on bluetooth.

SERVICE YOU CAN TRUST: No activation or cancellation fees. Top-rated customer service.

ALERTS TAILORED TO YOU: Set geofence and unauthorized use alerts. Receive alerts when your loved ones arrive at designated locations, vehicles move after hours, and more.

LONG LASTING BATTERY: Tracker will work for up to 14 days (max) and features a low battery alert. USB charging cable included

North America: United States, Canada, and Mexico
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